·30· The Sweetest Thing

Welcome to our thirtieth episode—and our first episode as part of the Comrade Radio family! We are majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with this new undertaking.
Also of equal excitement is the announcement of our special guest, Nicole Kemper of ‘The Feminine Mistake podcast‘ and ‘Critical Crop Top‘. Nicole writes, directs, produces, and stars in some of Atlanta’s premiere sketch comedy and must-see web series.

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·29· Moulin Rouge

Can you guess the name of this film solely from a peak at Helen’s note taking?

1) She’s shaking her vag-heart right at him

2) Coughing equals death

3) Was he the most masturbated about man at this time? (look that up!)

Give up? Need context?

Well, it’s Moulin Rouge of course!



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·28· Bend it Like Beckham

I’ve pulled these two quotes that, I believe, fully color the movie, Bend it Like Beckham.

“There is a history of seeing difference, in terms of culture (…) as problematic. For me, difference is celebratory.” – Gurinder Chadha (writer, director)

“This movie kicks balls” – Matt LaStar (Ask A Matt)

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·27· Hitch

FiLM podcast is back with a full episode and we’re discussing the 2005 feature film Hitch. Joining us is a special guest, Jessie Cooper. He is the host and co-host of such podcasts as ‘Turn to Page’, ‘Alphabet Flight’, ‘Random Sampling’, and ‘Me, Last Year’. Join the three of us as we successfully keep from making a single joke about “getting jiggy” with anything, well up until right now.

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·26· Winter Clipisode

These podcasters do more than watch movies, call actors by the wrong name, and go off on tangential rants. OR DO THEY?
Outtakes, bloopers, and anecdotes about your favorite and least favorite chick flicks are just one chick-click away.

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·25· Overboard

In this episode, Helen observes some stunning parallels between Overboard and James Cameron’s Titanic, meanwhile Valerie fetishizes macaroni necklaces and Matt observes the many unromantic themes the film would rather you ignore.

Oh—and Happy New Year!

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·24· While You Were Sleeping

“While you were sleeping, on your brother I was creeping”

Those are just some of the lines from an epically bad rap, written by Valerie and inspired by the 1995 film While You Were Sleeping.

If you’d like to hear more of that rap, start getting her drunk like right now.

If you’d like to hear special guest Heather Hooks delight the ever-loving shit out of us, start listening like RIGHT NOW.

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·23· Crank

Chev Chelios may never be a bride. He may never land the DeLauer Diamond or Gulden’s Mustard accounts. Chev may never stand on the pitcher’s mound of a high school baseball field waiting to be kissed in front of the entire student body. Chev Chelios may never do any of these things thanks to that back-stabbing bitch, Ricky Verona. Oh, and also, Chev may die or something, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I don’t think they’ll be friends again. Join Helen and Valerie as they are joined by ‘The Matts’ [both of them!] for a head scratching look inside “the other kind of date movie”. Hint, it’s a light flow day.

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·22· Bridget Jones’s Baby

What is there to say about Bridget Jones that we haven’t already said? It looks like a lot. Please join us for our last over-long discussion of our fierce friend. 
2016’s Baby has taken full advantage of its generous gestation period and presents a noticeably grown-up film while still offering moments of pleasant predictability. 

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·21· Jane Eyre

A lot has changed since Jane Eyre: An Autobiography was first published. Foremost, women are less likely to publish work under a man’s name for fear of facing discrimination (although I imagine this still occurs). 

But one thing has not changed, women still love men who are hiding other women in their attics. <— definitely not true. I made that up. 

This podcast, while “small and plain” is still very spirited and not actually small at all (read: too long). 

Reader, we have a lot to say about the 2011 Jane Eyre.

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