·49· Love Actually

The penultimate episode of our six-episode theme-song series has arrived and—if you’re looking at your DVD packaging—its got a freaking bow on it. You’re welcome!
Best Acquaintances Podcast co-host and greatest person currently alive, Emily Bennett, joins us for a jovial conversation about one of the most irritating and (yet somehow) endearing of all romantic holiday films. And if that didn’t give it away, it’s Love Actually folks. We’re talking about Love Actually.

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·48· Jerry Maguire

While this episode is the fourth in a series of like episodes, i.e. our six-episode theme-song series, it is the first of its kind in many ways.

1996’s Jerry Maguire is both our first ‘sports’ film and our first time welcoming two guests. FiLM favorite, Ariel brings charm, wit, and also her fiance, Ryan Lynch of We’ll Get it Right Next Year: An Adventure in Cinema, and Comrade Radio’s own Divisive Issues and Oops, I Talked Politics  to this decades-old tale of being a better person than you were yesterday while still making a shit ton of money for yourself and other people. It’s a classic.

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·47.5· Jennifer’s Body

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled six-episode theme-song series to bring you this special holiday message: “Hell is a teenage girl”.

No tricks, just treats for our devoted listeners.
Happy bonus episode day/Jennifer’s Body day/Halloween!
Stay salty!

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·46· She’s All That

Be silent. Be still. Be silent. Be still. Be silent. Be still.

For the second episode in our theme-song series, we took on the archetypical teen rom-com, She’s All That. For this one we’ve returned to our classic format — meaning it’s just Helen and Valerie and a Matt, and the episode itself is at least 20% longer than the movie we were talking about.

Check out Matt LaStar’s podcast, Bill and Matt are Losing It, on iTunes, Stitcher, and Facebook!

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·45· Clueless

If you’ve ever wondered what the hell Helen is singing about in her original Falling in Love Montage theme song, then be buggin’ no longer.

Starting with episode 45, Clueless, we will tackle all six movies referenced in the theme song.

It’s going to be Phat!

We’ve called a truce and brought Val’s Matt back (after he was totally wiggin’ on Bridesmaids).

Also joining us is our *official* Jane Austen correspondent, Tracy Tanoff!

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·44· Emma

For our first (but not last) time covering a Jane Austen adaptation, we knew we needed to rope in someone better read, smarter, and generally superior to us — so we nabbed Superfan Tracy Tanoff! We rode through the rain* to tell you about the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma, easily the second-best adaptation of the novel Emma made in 1995-1996.


**No, not even.

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·42· Mannequin

Last year we were listening to Rae Sremmurd and doing the Mannequin Challenge. Thirty years ago we were listening to Starship and watching Jonathan Switcher do the Mannequin.
FiLM is joined by special guest MC Williams of the Myths Your Teacher Hated podcast to discuss the 1987 re-telling of Pygmalion.
Join us for a healthy dose of chick-flick-nitpicks and Greek-geek-speak.

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Is it hot in here or is it just August? If you’re looking for a breakout summer comedy that’s got everything from urinating on a crowd to bootyhole-kush to sploshing, then look no further than 2017’s Girls Trip. Oh, we should also mention it’s a remarkably grounded narrative about friendship and a powerful portrayal of black women that audiences everywhere desperately want and deserve. Ryan, Sasha, Dina, and Lisa are characters we want to spend more time with.

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