·54· When Harry Met Sally

1989’s When Harry Met Sally asks the burning question, “Can men and women be friends after women have subjected them to a full-length episode about Fifty Shades Darker?”

According to Bill O’Donnell, so-called software expert, most charming person in the worldand our special guest, the answer is “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

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·53· Fifty Shades Darker


Masochism meets sadism in episode 53 when three lovely, talented, educated young women deliberately (why god, why?) watch Fifty Shades Darker, the critically reviled sequel to the equally critically reviled Fifty Shades of Grey (which they’ve also watched).
Valerie and Helen are joined by sublime guest, Meghan Griffin for an uproarious and deserved ripping. Fall in love with Meghan now or get to know her better at any of her many delightful podcasts, Judging Book Covers PodcastFableulous Retelling Podcast, and A Handbook for Handbook for Mortals.

*** expletive warning ***
Falling in Love Montage podcast often embraces the freedom of profanity, however, a particular four-letter word comes up with fervent frequency and is used as a sub for every different part of speech, including the verb.

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·52· Wonder Woman

Happy New Year!

We could think of no better way to ring in 2018 than to watch one of the best things about 2017 — Wonder Woman. And we could think of no better person to discuss it with at incredible length* than our podcast sweetheart, #1 fan, and male counterpart (and previous guest) Ryan Lynch. And we could think of no better “Matt” to consult than Ryan’s own (non-Matt) very best half, Ariel Azzara.

Check out all of Ryan’s podcasts — We’ll Get it Right Next Year: An Adventure in Cinema (for which Helen is the Etta Candy) and Comrade sister-casts Divisive Issues and Oops, I Talked Politics, both also available at frondsradio.com — and hit up Ariel on the internet to find out where you can send her tons of money for her upcoming wedding.

*like really incredible length

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·51· Titanic part II

And with this, Titanic part 2, we gleefully (and finally) finish all our wrapping.

We wrap our six-episode (okay, seven) theme-song series, we wrap our first-ever 2 part episode, and we wrap our 2017 calendar.

Special thanks to Emily Bennett for proposing the brilliant and collaborative theme song you hear in this episode.

The warmest thank yous to our talented contributors, our beloved podcast family:


Singers: Emily Bennett, Ollie Brady/Jason Statham, Laura B., Frances Chang, Malcolm Nygard, Vanessa Riley

Finnish translation and recitation: Juha Heikkil

Electric guitar: Bill O’Donnell


Bass: Ryan Lynch

Piano: Bill O’Donnell

As we bid adieu to this year we take with us, hold dearly, and will never let go of the beautiful friendships we’ve made.
Happy New Year, friends!

*This episode is lovingly dedicated to the memory of GiGi


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·50· Titanic part I

20 years ago tomorrow, people poured into theaters to see James Cameron’s epic romance-disaster film, Titanic.

Just last week, Helen, Valerie, and two fellas named Matt shelled out a ton of cash, donned some serious 3D shades, and relaxed into their reclining movie theater seats for 195 minutes of Helen preciously reciting every line of Titanic. For the record, this is the preferred way to see Titanic.

What happens now is part 1 of a very special 2 part episode, closing out FiLM’s six-episode theme-song series, and our 2017 schedule.

Don’t let go!

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·49· Love Actually

The penultimate episode of our six-episode theme-song series has arrived and—if you’re looking at your DVD packaging—its got a freaking bow on it. You’re welcome!
Best Acquaintances Podcast co-host and greatest person currently alive, Emily Bennett, joins us for a jovial conversation about one of the most irritating and (yet somehow) endearing of all romantic holiday films. And if that didn’t give it away, it’s Love Actually folks. We’re talking about Love Actually.

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·48· Jerry Maguire

While this episode is the fourth in a series of like episodes, i.e. our six-episode theme-song series, it is the first of its kind in many ways.

1996’s Jerry Maguire is both our first ‘sports’ film and our first time welcoming two guests. FiLM favorite, Ariel brings charm, wit, and also her fiance, Ryan Lynch of We’ll Get it Right Next Year: An Adventure in Cinema, and Comrade Radio’s own Divisive Issues and Oops, I Talked Politics  to this decades-old tale of being a better person than you were yesterday while still making a shit ton of money for yourself and other people. It’s a classic.

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·47.5· Jennifer’s Body

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled six-episode theme-song series to bring you this special holiday message: “Hell is a teenage girl”.

No tricks, just treats for our devoted listeners.
Happy bonus episode day/Jennifer’s Body day/Halloween!
Stay salty!

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·46· She’s All That

Be silent. Be still. Be silent. Be still. Be silent. Be still.

For the second episode in our theme-song series, we took on the archetypical teen rom-com, She’s All That. For this one we’ve returned to our classic format — meaning it’s just Helen and Valerie and a Matt, and the episode itself is at least 20% longer than the movie we were talking about.

Check out Matt LaStar’s podcast, Bill and Matt are Losing It, on iTunes, Stitcher, and Facebook!

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