Valerie Jane

Valerie Jane has a B.A. in Film and Video from Georgia State University.

While at GSU, her academic work focused mainly on television studies and new media, she has a minor in Theater.

Valerie received classical “dick joke” training from Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta and she loves studying and performing improv, both short and long form (<— see, dick joke).

Valerie has been drunk, high, delusional, brave enough to have performed stand up comedy and spoken word poetry on several stages in Atlanta and she promises to tell you next time she performs.

Smart enough to recognize that at her very core she is merely a consumer, Valerie chooses to consume things like books, film, television, podcasts, music, conversation, food, beverage, and experiences—the kind of things that feed you internally. She is less concerned about the external.

What else is there to say about Valerie Jane? She tends to write a lot about tv and herself. She’s a Leo, a textbook middle child, she’s very ticklish, and she loves her dog more than she loves you (sorry).