·53· Fifty Shades Darker


Masochism meets sadism in episode 53 when three lovely, talented, educated young women deliberately (why god, why?) watch Fifty Shades Darker, the critically reviled sequel to the equally critically reviled Fifty Shades of Grey (which they’ve also watched).
Valerie and Helen are joined by sublime guest, Meghan Griffin for an uproarious and deserved ripping. Fall in love with Meghan now or get to know her better at any of her many delightful podcasts, Judging Book Covers PodcastFableulous Retelling Podcast, and A Handbook for Handbook for Mortals.

*** expletive warning ***
Falling in Love Montage podcast often embraces the freedom of profanity, however, a particular four-letter word comes up with fervent frequency and is used as a sub for every different part of speech, including the verb.

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