·52· Wonder Woman

Happy New Year!

We could think of no better way to ring in 2018 than to watch one of the best things about 2017 — Wonder Woman. And we could think of no better person to discuss it with at incredible length* than our podcast sweetheart, #1 fan, and male counterpart (and previous guest) Ryan Lynch. And we could think of no better “Matt” to consult than Ryan’s own (non-Matt) very best half, Ariel Azzara.

Check out all of Ryan’s podcasts — We’ll Get it Right Next Year: An Adventure in Cinema (for which Helen is the Etta Candy) and Comrade sister-casts Divisive Issues and Oops, I Talked Politics, both also available at frondsradio.com — and hit up Ariel on the internet to find out where you can send her tons of money for her upcoming wedding.

*like really incredible length

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