·51· Titanic part II

And with this, Titanic part 2, we gleefully (and finally) finish all our wrapping.

We wrap our six-episode (okay, seven) theme-song series, we wrap our first-ever 2 part episode, and we wrap our 2017 calendar.

Special thanks to Emily Bennett for proposing the brilliant and collaborative theme song you hear in this episode.

The warmest thank yous to our talented contributors, our beloved podcast family:


Singers: Emily Bennett, Ollie Brady/Jason Statham, Laura B., Frances Chang, Malcolm Nygard, Vanessa Riley

Finnish translation and recitation: Juha Heikkil

Electric guitar: Bill O’Donnell


Bass: Ryan Lynch

Piano: Bill O’Donnell

As we bid adieu to this year we take with us, hold dearly, and will never let go of the beautiful friendships we’ve made.
Happy New Year, friends!

*This episode is lovingly dedicated to the memory of GiGi


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