·42· Mannequin

Mannequin 1987

Last year we were listening to Rae Sremmurd and doing the Mannequin Challenge. Thirty years ago we were listening to Starship and watching Jonathan Switcher do the Mannequin. FiLM is joined by special guest MC Williams of the Myths Your Teacher Hated podcast to discuss the 1987 re-telling of Pygmalion. Join us for a healthy […]

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Flossy Posse

Is it hot in here or is it just August? If you’re looking for a breakout summer comedy that’s got everything from urinating on a crowd to bootyhole-kush to sploshing, then look no further than 2017’s Girls Trip. Oh, we should also mention it’s a remarkably grounded narrative about friendship and a powerful portrayal of black women that […]

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