·19· Jem and the Holograms

Nostalgia kills: a talking point for a lot of current issues but also an appropriate sentiment for episode 19: Jem and the Holograms (2015).
Buttholes like me (Valerie) who were so precious about a cartoon they watched while still sporting their milk teeth, sized this film up and cut it down—sight unseen. My generation’s refusal to embrace this re-imagining shut Jem out of the theater after just two weeks. Once I decided not to see it I never thought about it again, but that was not the case for many people who vilified talented director Jon M. Chu and spewed unjustifiable hatred and vitriol in all corners of the internet.

Fortunately I pulled my head out of my ass long enough to look around and see a path less followed. Saved was I from sitting on a porch with Clint Eastwood, smoking that wacky “when I was a kid” pipe—and I watched Jem and the Holograms.

—Guys, it was truly, truly, truly outrageous—

We hope you’ll watch it too (at minimum listen to the soundtrack). This film is chock full of inspiring female power and it rocks too. Yeah, it’s different…it’s been repackaged for a new audience. Don’t we want to share our hero Jem with tomorrow’s female rebels?

More importantly we want a sequel and we need your help! Tell Jon M. Chu, tell Hasbro, tell your friends, tell my friends, use the hashtag #wearethemisfits

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