Totally Falling in Love


Helen and Valerie Jane answer a series of top five



What podcasts are you listening to?



Helen’s Top Five

1 The Feminine Mistake Podcast

2 Liar City Podcast

3 The Flop House

4 Goosebuds

5 Totally Beverages and Sometimes Hot Sauce



Valerie Jane’s Top Five

1 The Feminine Mistake Podcast

2 Liar City Podcast

3 Harmontown

4 The Writer’s Panel

5 Improv Nerd




What television series are you watching?




Helen & Valerie Jane’s Top Five

When asked, both hosts offered the exact same five series as their favorite.
(I guess they have impeccable taste)

1 The Americanstvseries5

2 Orphan Black

3 Better Call Saul

4 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

5 iZombie


In the wake of the overlap, and due to their strong personal and academic relationship to television, here are a few more series they hope you fall in love with too:



What are you totally falling in love with?


Helen’s Top Five

1 My Son!hfav

2 Watching OK Go videos over and over

3 Spotify

4 Hamilton
5  Loretta Devine


Valerie Jane’s Top Five

1 My nephew!vfav

2 Falling asleep reading a book
that’s not for school

3 Hope That Helps

4Life is Strange

5Maude Apatow


Have any recommendations?
Share your favorites in the comments!


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1 comment

  1. Well aside from the fact that I didn’t see either one of you allude to your Matts as being one of the op 5 things you love, there are a couple other omissions.

    I’ll cover them in my partial top 5 TV shows list.
    1. Angie Tribeca
    2. Humans
    3 and 4 and 5 I agree with you on though, so I wont mention.

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